New Old Things in Transitional February

Greetings on a slow misty February Day. I am continuing in the project of documenting and publishing our vintage work. We are hoping for a new door to open soon, which will bring with it many challenges. For now it is just a steady pace of keeping on keeping on, in preparation for the new.

These are a few recently posted items.

Original prototype of Canada Goose Small
The small melon vase, simple and sensuous light and shadow catchers. The glazes on these two are perfectly done.

Snail Prototype

I am continuing the Medium journey, taking advantage of the opportunity to synthesize everything that is evolving into something whole.I am not sure where it is all going, but certainty is an really only an illusion.

My latest Medium post is a synopsis of sorts.

Spring is incrementally moving in!

The Andersens

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