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In 2009, I became an independent researcher when I was searching for capital for Andersen Design to fund the transition to online markets.

My primary research focus became Maine’s economic development policies and statutes that were put into place in 1976. After many years of research, I stumbled upon a little-known federal act passed in 1968 that established the federally managed economy of the USA. Maine’s Governor Longley followed suit and created the centrally managed economy of Maine in 1976, as was likely happening in many states as it was in the federal design that states would change their Constitutions and municipalities their ordinances to conform with the federal agenda. That was also the era when the USA went off the gold standard and credit cards came into popular use, and the wealth divide started to dramatically expand as inflation shot up like a wall dividing the halves from the have-nots.

Today the wealth divide is one of the biggest issues of our times. By understanding the nuts and bolts of how the wealth is transferred to the few in statutory acts of policy, a similar method can be conceptualized with the intent to return a more equitable balance.

Substack is my raw space. It is my stream of consciousness where I develop my ideas and have the most freedom to say what I think and tell stories that reflect the way that policies unfold in the real world. It is my personal voice that doesn’t always fit into prime time but creates the fluidity that allows new ideas to emerge.

The world is undergoing enormous change and transformation. Particularly disturbing is the rapidly expanding power of disinformation. The antidote is the independent researcher mining for facts that are often intentionally concealed from the public. The best way to retain independence is to develop one’s own stream of financial support based on the end result of the research.

Based solely on my work as an independent researcher, I have earned an Orcid Researcher ID, after being recruited by Humanities and Social Sciences to do reviews. An independent researcher is not compensated by outside funding and relies solely on income from subscriptions and monetization.


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