Let the Free Enterprise Micro-Economy Lead the New Innovation Culture

Andersen Design’s classic chickadee is always in demand Thus far, the State of Maine is one of the few national retreats from corona virus. There is no guarantee that we can Continue Reading →

The Cultural Transformation of a Middle Class Vacationland

Boothbay Maine confronts its past and future. Photo by Alif Assis on Unsplash I threw the Tarot cards today. The Moon, reversed, is in an outcome position. Sometimes one has to let oneself be Continue Reading →

A New Industrial Evolution

Contemplating A Brave New World One of a Kind Prototype of the Emperor Penguin designed by Weston & Brenda Andersen The reality of the world radically changing through an act Continue Reading →

Economic Complexity Theory in the Time of Coronavirus

Originally created for Medium These vintage prototypes by Weston Neil Andersen, presented in the images throughout this story, tell of a love for the work process which evolved into our company, Andersen Design Introduction Continue Reading →

Deconstructing Centralization Requires So Many Butterflies! Part One

One of a Kind Bowl by Weston Neil Andersen Early Fifties or Late Forties. The bowl appears to be thrown suggesting that Weston may have created it when he was Continue Reading →