Public Private Relationships and the New Owners of The Means of Production

A book by Susan Mackenzie Andersen


I self-published this book back in 2015 based on independent research I had been doing since 2007 on Maine economic development policy since 1976, when the Legislature declared that centrally managing the economy is an essential government function.

Back in those days, the use of the word “fascism” was deemed unacceptable by the self-publishing company I was working with so I dropped them and published the book on my own on Amazon.

After a while I felt that I wanted to rewrite parts of this book so I took it out of circulation.

In the meantime, the subject matter of this book has become more relevant across the USA as many states are experiencing a new radicalism that is threatening to take over our country. Fascism – the word and its practical application has gone mainstream.

Since I first published this book in 2015, I continued to research the history of legislative policy that has incrementally, step by step, transformed the Maine I publish my findings and thoughts in my Substack Newsletter, The Individual vs The Empire. which is picking up subscribers at a steady clip.
I have written hundreds of blog posts about the history of Maine economic development policy and related subjects but my primary reference resource is Public Private Relationships and the New Owners of the Means of Production. That is because it is chronologically and systematically organized making it much easier to find what I am looking for than searching through hundreds of posts.

I would still like to rewrite parts of this book but I will save that for the second edition when I bring the incremental history of Maine from a Home Rule State to a centrally managed hegemony up to the current day. This story is more mainstream today than when I first started doing this research around 2007, If I bring out a second edition, this time I hope to have a publisher and an advance!

Am Independent researcher is unfunded. The fruits of this research is reasonably priced at $50,00