One of A Kind Art Object Offered in Mold Making Crowdfunder Project.










The large fish was designed by Weston Neil Andersen . It requires individual craftsmanship in the assembly and handcrafted finishing of the sculptural form. The fish will be decorated as a One of A Kind Art work and signed by Mackenzie Andersen. This is a rare item . Only a few have been or are expected to be produced.

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  1. Strangely, this comment just showed up in my email today several years later. Thank you for your interest. We have been wanting to do a crowdfunder for years but we need to have a strong list of supporters before we begin. The advise is that in order to succeed, one needs to start with a bang0 and reach at least half the goal on day one and so I have not launched an official project but I have found my own path to growing our email list, slowly but surely, You can sign up for our email list at and check the box that says you will support our project on launch.

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