Mackenzie Andersen’s Tufted Titmouse Crowd Funding Pre-Launch Sign UP

This is a video for a yet to be launched crowd funding project.


This is beginning of our Pre- Launch Phase in which I will be collecting email addresses of those interested in supporting our project. The goal is to have strong launch reaching a good portion of one’s goal in the first few days.

This project is to raise $3000.00 to have the mold for my tufted titmouse sculpture created by an outside production company.

The project is also a Prelude to Andersen Studio’s Business Re-Start Crowd Funding series. Andersen Studio needs to raise in the neighborhood of $300,000.00. Although we would like to start working with other American slip casting productions to have our line produced, We also need a local production studio. We are currently doing production in the space intended to be our design studio.

The goal of the Andersen Studio- Design crowdfunding series is to bring about the circumstance in which we are able to:
  • A new production studio located locally where we can train others and develop designs and glazes.

  • Rubber molds made of our designs. Rubber molds are very expensive but they are the best for preserving the designs and once a rubber mold is produced, it is both easy and inexpensive to produce plaster production molds . A good mold makes all aspects of production work better and results in a higher quality end results.

  • We need to update business management and customer service with state of the art software and hire an adequately sized staff

  • Once we have accomplished the above, we are then in the position to take advantage of the many marketing resources offered by the internet.
Andersen Studio has a large and layered line of wildlife sculpture and functional forms which have maintained their marketability since they were first created. We have many collectors – some which have passed collections down from generation to generation and so we are confident that our market can grow once it is backed up with a strong production, business management and customer service departments.

Our previous crowd funding project did not succeed and so this time around I implementing a better planned strategy.
Advice found from reliable sources recommend developing one’s support prior to launching a project.

Then it becomes important to have “notables” or “influencers” support one’s project to create a fresh new surge- or surges of support.

I am reaching out for support in both areas. If you have ideas that we can use to make our crowdfunding series a roaring success please send me the word at with “  Crowd Funder Synergy” as the subject . Synergy is what we want to achieve in Pre-Launch.

I am also calling out to my “Six Degrees of Separation” to get the support of the notables- Over the years Andersen Studio has contributed to a plethora of non-profit fundraisers, we have been number one sellers in notable retail venues, and we have been recognized for our historical contribution and so let us not forget our very loyal collectors! It seems that we can mine our resources and six degrees of separation for a notable’s network to support our crowd funding efforts, but we need your help.

So Thank you for adding your name to our crowd-funder list and for help in securing notables support- and for sharing sharing and sharing- to spread the movement in support of our entire crowd-funding series.!

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