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Flowers For Mothersday – the beginning of a new adventure?

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If the superior man undertakes something and tries to lead,
He goes astray;
But if he follows, he finds guidance. 
The I Ching, The Receptive

These wise words from the I Ching resonate with the philosophy of Martin Buber who said that the events of our life are a conversation with God. Follow the conversation and you will find your way.

It need not be said, moving is a major transition that requires funding and good fortune.

I have been courted lately, by many salespeople, after me to join Art Store Fronts. I have been aware of Art Store Fronts for a while but I never been courted like this by so many salespeople. It’s instinct to be dubious but there must be a reason for this sudden onslaught. In the past, without fanfare or promotion, I posted my photography on my website and a few more on Instagram and then I didn’t think about it but the recruiters found me. The Andersen Design website displays many images of flowers and landscapes perfect for Mother’s Day, one of Art Store Front’s most popular seasons, coming up in May. So I would like to get this going ASAP with Mother’s Day right around the corner,

Flower photography copyright Susan Mackenzie Andersen

I watched the video and think it’s a good idea. I see similarities to the network that I want to create. I have the inventory. I can curate a gallery with multiple artists which is what I have been talking about doing with the Andersen Design website. and Andersen Design has always wanted to represent other products,

So I thought I would do a crowdfunder, and use the Baby Penguin as a crowdfunder reward.

I am not clear what the benefits of using a crowdfunding platform are. It would be a benefit if it increases my project exposure but I am not aware that platforms do that, AND with a platform I have to wait for my funds and I want to launch the store front ASAP. In addition I am not good at crowdfunding. so instead I am doing a crowdfunder by offering a 50% discount on the Baby Penguin with Coupon Code, IF18L2P3BFF1 and plea for my cause of getting this income stream going.

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From what I am hearing, I believe that this can be an income stream that can help to resolve some of roadblocks I have been facing with moving forward with my vision for Andersen Design. I believe my images and others in my family and eventually others ( prefer to test it out with family) have a popular and marketable appeal. The Art Storefront system makes the rest of the business easier. Art Store Front prints and ship and have many marketing tools.

I do prefer to do the printing but I look at it as a pret a porter line in a fashion house. Later when I am more settled I may get into printing the images myself which would be like the couture line.

I have been offered a four-part plan on the setup costs, so my get-started budget is approximately $500.00, though the actual setup cost is $1700.00

Please help me to generate the funds quickly so I can move ahead on this project!


Paintings by my late Brother in Law David Dupree


The Art Store Front is a fundraiser, or ” income stream that is very much needed to help me to advance my other projects, to day mere concepts but tomorrow is open to possibilities,

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I was blessed with being raised in this amazing business in a home that uses ceramic slip-cast production as an art form. My mission is to set this business up so that others can enjoy the same lifestyle while benefitting from what Andersen Design created. Follow me on my substack blog, Mackenzie Andersen's The Individual vs The Empire! I write about the public-private-non-profit-profit wealth concentration and redistribution industrial complex - and then I dream a better world.

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