In Times of an Unknown Future, Let Synchronicity Be Your Guide!

As Corona Virus demands change, a transforming culture grant us permission to be who we never thought we would be. I awoke in the morning in an instance that dreaming Continue Reading →

Hello world!

Hello World! This is our new website dedicated to developing support for a KickStarter Project that will eventually put us in a new studio where we can continue to develop Continue Reading →

When Does Cultural Advance Become Cultural Decline?

  Extrapolating into the Future While Walking and Ranting Through America’s Command Economy Politics. nathan-dumlao-unsplash The Battle of the Centuries Far-reaching ideological battles are concealed in, and over shadowed by Continue Reading →

How I Became an Independent Researcher of The Tangled Net Of Economic Development Funding

  samanta-santy-unsplash Rarely do I find myself in a state of seemingly unattached free-form physical depression of the sort that makes one’s energy lethargic and body heavy as I have Continue Reading →