A Special Vintage sale as we seek a co-applicant for Apprenticeship grant

Purchase Baby Penguin online HERE

A recent post is about an apprentice grant for which we are seeking an apprentice to be our co-applicant. The grant will be used to train the apprentice in making our products as independent contractor who can work in their own studio, a lifestyle that allows for an individualistic blend of home and work, adaptable to the requirements of sheltering in place. 

The ceramic making process is an engaging activity, especially when done in a home studio. The apprenticeship grant will set up a year long training plan, involving training in making many of our products which can create a steady stream of income. As co-applicant we will work together to establish the terms.

There is still time! Preferred deadline October 10, absolute deadline November 1st! Please contact Elise at 207 350 3558 or mackenzie@andersendesign.biz for further information.

In the meantime, we need to raise some immediate cash to cover for a series of unexpected expenses. 

We have sold out of most of our standard line, but have many baby penguins.

We are offering a 20% discount on vintage items – good until Oct 8th Use Coupon Code VINTAGE  Veiw Our Vintage Line Here

Elise working on way to fire some pieces in a kiln in a remote studio. This is a valuable experiment in working with independent studios. 

If you would like to discuss a BESPOKEN order, you can contact Elise at eand40@gmail.com

A creative working process 

There now exits a commercial version of our brown slip which can be an asset in our working with independent studios, Initially it is important to limit the number of variables in the process. A commercial brown slip that approximates own brown slip that we have been using since the 1960’s, can simplify the process.

We have many designs that have been developed using our brown slip technique. It allows for a lot of variation and creativity. Andersen Design works with the individuality of each artisans hand to produce unique objects within the slip-cast production process. 

This is Dad’s last piece which has never been realized as a production item, an interesting project to bring to completion.

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