- Collectible Ceramics designed and handcrafted in Maine USA since 1952

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The stoneware Sperm Whale is glazed in mottled gray and black for a wet and watery effect. Eleven inches long

Right Whale slip cast in red stoneware and glazed in ebony. The Ceramic Right Whale has a wave like form that ends in the flip of its tail. The face is a unique formation of pattern and protrusions that make for a curious creature.. The red stoneware whale is glazed in ebony accented with pale gray around the eyes and face. Fins flip backward. Our stoneware Right Whale is 8 inches long And 11 inches tall.


  • The Stoneware Falcon stands majestic in it’s carved coat of brown and white ceramic feathers.
  • "The Stoneware Seal arising from the sea, has a lovely dappled back creating with our flowing ceramic decorating colors. The Seal is a charming sculpture to place on a reflective surface and at a low angle so that it greets the viewer from below as is the way we most often see these sea life creatures. The Ceramic Seal Emerging from water is eight inches in diameter. "
  • Slip cast ceramic cat curls into itself .The stoneware cat is five inches in diameter. and glazed in our original art glaze in variegated gray tones.
  • Our small Western Mountain Bluebird sculpture blooms with a youthful innocence.
  • The Paired Mating Dove is glazed in the Andersen subtle and original glazes in either Celadon or White Matte
  • Ceramic Hedgehog, slip cast on red stoneware and glazed in gray, four inches long
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  • Andersen Design's Stoneware Sea Gull is a natural gift for a coastal home or as a reminder of those lovely places in your urban home design.
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  • Andersen Design Stoneware Antartic Seal sculpture, 17 inches long is handcrafted beginning with the raw materials which are mixed into our original stoneware casting slip and ceramic art glazes. We have been located on teh coast of Maine since 1952 and still handcrafted in the USA
  • The Stoneware Barred Owl is glazed with a soft touch of browns and beige
  • The eyes of our ceramic Barred Owl are hollowed invoking inner musteries to this haunting bird.
  • The Long Eastern Bluebird Sculpture turns its head and large round ebony eyes peer from within the hidden dimensions of the natural world. The Bluebird's form is simply articulated. The decoration lets the natural fluidity of the ceramic decorating color describe the feathers of the wings. Clear crisp color sings the Bluebird of Happiness’s seductive song.
  • The carved form and the spontaneous brushwork create the feathery effectod the ceramic Eastern Bluebird
  • The ceramic pig is as happy as can be with her little piglet cuddled up beside her. Designed and handcrafted in America by Andersen Design
  • Hand crafted, slip-cast Mug designed by Mid century ceramic luminary, Weston Neil Andersen, and decorated in Andersen Design's grey birch pattern