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FOUND: Jack Bilbo Christmas Card

Found Christmas Card Signed by Owo and Jack Bilbo

Christmas Card signed by Owo and Jack Bilbo Copyright The Modern Art Gallery , 24 Charles Street, London , S.W.I

Christmas Card by Jack Bilbo sent to Weston and Brenda Andersen During World WarII

Jack Bilbo Christmas Card 

Found Among Our Historical Papers
This card was found in a box of many drawings and designs sketches for the original Andersen Design line of functional forms, probably from 1952. The box included designs for buildings, cars and boats as well as art drawings and children’s art.
We are interested in placing This historical artwork.
The Stoneware Screech Owl is an enigmatic bird of ancient lore, guiding the journey of the seeking soul from deep within the mysteries. "The Stoneware Seal arising from the sea, has a lovely dappled back creating with our flowing ceramic decorating colors. The Seal is a charming sculpture to place on a reflective surface and at a low angle so that it greets the viewer from below as is the way we most often see these sea life creatures. The Ceramic Seal Emerging from water is eight inches in diameter. "


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