Andersen Design - Collectible Ceramics designed and handcrafted in Maine USA since 1952

Andersen Design Almost Complete Ceramic Design List


And not including one of a kind creations using our classic line of functional forms and wild life sculpture molds !

  •  Item Description
    A AD Sculpture 1st Quality
    A:AS01 Large Floating Gull, grey, black , white, 12″ long
    A:AS02-99 Tropical Fish, various by Weston N Andersen 1950s
    A:AS03 Screech Owl, natural, 7″ tall
    A:AS06 Seal, large, grey 22″ long
    A:AS09 Baby Seal, grey, 7″ long
    A:AS09-01 Baby Seal, natural, 7″ long
    A:AS09-03 Baby Seal, white, 7″ long
    A:AS09-15 Baby Seal, bronze
    A:AS10 Ceramic Mother Seal.,10 inches long
    A:AS11 Barred Owl, natural brown, 9″ tall
    A:AS11-15 Barred Owl, bronze, 9″ tall
    A:AS12-01 Songbird, natural, 3″ long
    A:AS12-15 Songbird, bronze, 3″ long
    A:AS12-16 Songbird, verdigris, 3″ long
    A:AS12-17 Songbird, ebony, 3″ long
    A:AS12-18 Songbird, blueberry, 3″ long
    A:AS13-01 Field Mouse, natural brown, 3″ tall
    A:AS13-02 Field Mouse, grey, 3″ tall
    A:AS13-03 Field Mouse, white, 3″ tall
    A:AS13-17 Field Mouse, ebon, 3″ tall
    A:AS14-01 Sleepy Owl, natural, 5″ tall
    A:AS14-02 Sleepy Owl, grey, 5″ tall
    A:AS14-03 Sleepy Owl, white, 5″ tall
    A:AS14-15 Sleepy Owl, bronze, 5″ tall
    A:AS14-16 Sleepy Owl, verdigris, 5″ tall
    A:AS15 Gull, turned, grey/white, 8″ long
    A:AS16-01 Cat, sitting, natural, 9″ tall, by Brenda Andersen
    A:AS16-02 Cat, sitting, grey, 9″ tall
    A:AS16-15 Cat, seated, bronze
    A:AS16-16 Cat, seated, verdigris, 8″ tall
    A:AS17 Dolphin, blue/grey/green, 11″ long
    A:AS18-01 Squirrel, natural, 4” tall
    A:AS18-17 Squirrel, ebon, 4″ tall
    A:AS19 Sperm Whale, dark grey
    A:AS20 Large Squirrel, natural brown, 8″ tall by Brenda Andersen
    A:AS20-99 Butterfly Sculpture, Various Colors
    A:AS21-01 Snail, large, natural brown, 6″ long
    A:AS21-01- Snail, large, natural stripe
    A:AS22-01 Rabbit with ears back, natural brown, 5″ long
    A:AS22-02 Rabbit with ears back, grey, 5″ long
    A:AS22-03 Rabbit with ears back, white, 5″ long
    A:AS22-15 Rabbit with ears back, bronze, 5″ long
    A:AS22-30 Rabbit with ears back, pewter, 5″ long
    A:AS23 Baby Gull, natural brown 3″ long
    A:AS24-01 Turtle, brown, 6″ long, wax resist
    A:AS24-04 Turtle, blue, 6″ long
    A:AS24-05 Turtle, green, 6″ long
    A:AS24-15 Turtle, bronze, 6″ long
    A:AS25 Fledgling Robin, brown, 4″ tall
    A:AS27-01 Snail, small, natural brown, 3″ long
    A:AS27-01- Snail, small, brown stripe, 3″ long
    A:AS27-03 Snail, small, white 3″ long
    A:AS27-04 Snail, small, blue, 3″ long
    A:AS27-05 Snail, small, green, 3″ long
    A:AS29 Song Sparrow, natural, 3″ long
    A:AS29-15 Song Sparrow, bronze, 3″ long
    A:AS30 Chickadee, black grey, 3″ long
    A:AS32-01 Chipmunk, light
    A:AS33 Chipmunk, striped, 5″ tall
    A:AS35-01 Warbler, natural, 6″ long
    A:AS35-05 Warbler, green, 6″ long
    A:AS36-03 White Falcon, 7″ tall
    A:AS37 Emperor Penguin, black/white, 12″ tall
    A:AS38 Baby Penguin, black/grey/white, 5″ tall
    A:AS40 Antarctic Seal variegated grey and black, 17″ long
    A:AS41 Gannett
    A:AS42-01 Sawhet Owl, natural brown, 6″ tall
    A:AS42-02 Sawhet Owl, grey, 6″ tall
    A:AS42-03 Saw Whet Owl, white, 6″ tall
    A:AS43 Sandpiper, large, natural brown, 6″ long
    A:AS43-15 Sandpiper, bronze, 5″ long
    A:AS43-99 Sandpiper, large, misc, 6″ long
    A:AS43B Sandpiper, misc
    A:AS43misc Sandpiper large white body by Karen
    A:AS44 Bufflehead Duck, black white, 8″ long
    A:AS45 Butterfly, Various
    A:AS46 Pelican, brown, grey yellow, 11″ tall
    A:AS47 Large Squirrel
    A:AS48-01 Kitten, curled, natural brown, 5″ dia, By Brenda Andersen
    A:AS48-01- Kitten, curled, natural stripe
    A:AS48-02 Kitten, curled, grey, 5″ dia, by Brenda Andersen
    A:AS48-03 Kitten, curled, white
    A:AS48-10 Kitten, brown tabby, 5.5″ dia
    A:AS48-16 Kitten, curled, verdigris, 5″ dia, by Brenda Andersen
    A:AS48-17 Kitten, curled, ebony
    A:AS49-01 Kinglet, natural brown, 3″ long
    A:AS49-02 Kinglet, natural grey, 3″ long
    A:AS49-04 Kinglet, blue, 3″ long
    A:AS51 Atlantic Puffin, blk wht red, 8″ tall
    A:AS52-01 Hare, natural, 5″ tall
    A:AS52-02 Hare, grey, 5″ tall
    A:AS52-03 Hare, white, 5″ tall
    A:AS52-15 Hare, bronze, 5.5″ tall
    A:AS52-16 Hare, verdigris, 5″ tall
    A:AS52A-02 Hare, carved, grey, 5″ tall
    A:AS52A-03 Hare, carved, white, 5″ tall
    A:AS53 Sleeping Duck, red head
    A:AS53-05 Sleeping Duck, green head, 6″ long
    A:AS54 Baby Walrus, grey, 4″ long
    A:AS54-02 Baby Walrus, grey, 3″ long
    A:AS54-03 Baby Walrus, white, 3″ long
    A:AS55 Small Harbor Seal, grey, 4″ long
    A:AS55-01 Small Harbor Seal, natural, 4″ long
    A:AS56 Ceramic Mother Pig with Piglet Sculpture, 4.5″ tall, white and green
    A:AS57-02 Goose facing right, grey, 5″ tall
    A:AS57-03 Goose facing right, white, 5″ tall
    A:AS57-04 Goose facing right, blue, 5″ tall
    A:AS58-02 Goose facing left, grey, 5″ tall
    A:AS58-03 Goose facing left, white, 5″ tall
    A:AS58-04 Goose facing left, blue, 5″ tall
    A:AS60 Polar Bear, white, 5″ tall
    A:AS61 Falcon, natural brown, 6″ tall
    A:AS61-03 Falcon, white, 6″ tall
    A:AS63 Gull turned, grey white black, 7″ long
    A:AS64 Canada Goose, grey brown, 11″ long
    A:AS65 Standing Duck, red head, 6″ tall
    A:AS65-05 Standing Duck, green head, 6″ tall
    A:AS66-04 Butterfly, blue, 7″ tall
    A:AS66-05 Butterfly, green, 7″ tall
    A:AS66-06 Butterfly, yellow, 7″ tall
    A:AS66-45 Ceramic Art: Blue Butterfly slip cast in Stoneware and glazed in our white matte over flowing blues with green body. 7” tall.
    A:AS66-99 Butterfly, various
    A:AS67 Towhee, blk wht gold, 6″ long
    A:AS68 Eastern Bluebird, slender, 6″ long
    A:AS69 Eastern Bluebird, round, blue, coral, 3″ long
    A:AS71 Wren, natural brown, 3″ long
    A:AS71-15 Wren, bronze, 3″ long
    A:AS72 Frog, green, 3″ long
    A:AS72-04 Frog, blue, 3″ long
    A:AS72-16 Frog, verdigris, 3″ long
    A:AS72-99 Frog, white, misc body, Karen
    A:AS73 Small sandpiper
    A:AS74 Gull Turned, white grey black, 6″ long
    A:AS75 Blue Jay, 10″ long
    A:AS76 Bob White Quail, brown white black, 5″ tall
    A:AS77 Loon, large, Blk Grn Wht, 11″ long
    A:AS78 Sea Otter, Natural brown, 8.5 ” long
    A:AS79 Canada Goose, grey, black, white, 9″ long
    A:AS80 Cat Seated, grey, 5″ tall by Christine Thalia Andersen
    A:AS80-01 Cat Sitting, brown stripe, 6″ Christine Andersen Tupper..
    A:AS80-01- Cat Sitting, natural stripe, 5″ tall
    A:AS80-02 Cat Sitting, grey, 5″ tall
    A:AS80-07- Cat Sitting, blue/grey, stripe 6″ tall
    A:AS80-10 Cat Sitting, brown tabby, 5″ tall by Christine Thalia Andersen
    A:AS80-15 Cat Sitting, bronze, 5″ tall
    A:AS80-17 Cat Sitting, ebony, 5″ tall by Christine Thalia Andersen
    A:AS81-01 Kitten, Sleeping, natural brown, 5″ dia
    A:AS81-02 Kitten, Sleeping, grey, 4″ dia
    A:AS81-04- Kitten, Sleeping, blue stripe, 4″ dia
    A:AS81-07 Kitten, Sleeping , blue/grey tabby, 5″ dia, by Christine Thalia Andersen
    A:AS81-07- Kitten, Sleeping by Christine Thalia Andersen, blue/grey tabby, 5″ dia ..
    A:AS81-10 Kitten, Sleeping, brown tabby, 5″ dia, by Christine Thalia Andersen
    A:AS81-15 Kitten, Sleeping, bronze
    A:AS81-16 Kitten, Sleeping, verdigris
    A:AS81-17 Kitten, Sleeping, ebony 4″ dia
    A:AS82-01 Kitten, Listening, brown stripe
    A:AS82-01- Kitten, Listening, brown tabby
    A:AS82-02 Kitten, Listening, grey, 3″ long, by Christine Thalia Andersen
    A:AS82-07 Kitten, Listening, blue/grey stripe, 3″ long
    A:AS82-10 Kitten, Listening, brown tabby, 3” long
    A:AS82-15 Kitten, Listening, bronze, 3″ long
    A:AS82-16 Kitten, Listening, verdigris, 3″ long
    A:AS82-17 Kitten, Listening, black
    A:AS83 Gull with Yellow Beak, 11″ long
    A:AS84 Right Whale, black 11″ x 8″
    A:AS85-01 Bear, 8.5″ long, natural (Version One)
    A:AS85-10 Bear, brown, 8″ long..
    A:AS85-15 Bear, bronze, 8″ long..
    A:AS86 Bear, brown 9″ long, by Susan Mackenzie Andersen
    A:AS86-01 Bear, natural, 9″ long
    A:AS86-03 Bear, White
    A:AS86-15 Bear, bronze, 9″ long, by Susan Mackenzie Andersen
    A:AS86-17 Bear, black, 9″ long
    A:AS87 Fin Whale on Pedestal, black green, 11″ tall
    A:AS88 Dove, Grey, large
    A:AS89 Starling
    A:AS90 Panda, black/white, 5.5″ tall
    A:AS91 Mouse On Cheese
    A:AS92 Pelican brown grey, yellow beak, 8″ tall
    A:AS93 Loon, small, black white green, 8.5″ long
    A:AS95 Dove facing left, celadon, 8″ long
    A:AS95-02 Dove facing left, grey, 8″ long
    A:AS95-03 Dove facing left, white, 8″ long
    A:AS95-15 Dove facing left, bronze, 8″ long
    A:AS95-16 Dove facing left, verdigris, 8″ long
    A:AS95-17 Dove facing left, ebony
    A:AS95-20 Dove facing left, 8″ long, lichen
    A:AS95-30 Dove facing left, 8″ long, pewter
    A:AS96 Dove facing right, grey, 8″ long
    A:AS96-02 Dove facing right, 8″ long, grey..
    A:AS96-03 Dove facing right, white, 8″ long
    A:AS96-15 Dove facing right, 8″ long, bronze
    A:AS96-16 Dove facing right, 8″ long verdigris
    A:AS96-17 Dove facing right, pink, 8″ long
    A:AS96-20 Dove facing right, pink, 8″ long
    A:AS97 River Otter, natural brown, green, 6″ tall
    A:AS99-03 Bird in Flight, white 5″ x 5″
    A:ASC100 Bluebird in Flight, 5″ long….
    A:ASC101 Doe with Fawn, natural brown, 7″ tall
    A:ASC101-0 Doe with Fawn, grey, 7″ tall
    A:ASC101-0 Deer with fawn, coral, 7″ dia
    A:ASC102 Dog, black, brown, 5″ tall
    A:ASC102-0 Dalmation, black white, 5″ tall
    A:ASC103-0 Abstract Dove, white, 3″
    A:ASC104 Fish, carved, white
    A:ASC104-0 Fish, white
    A:ASC105-0 Fish, Green, 11″ long
    A:ASC105-1 Fish, Smooth, loon green, 11″ long
    A:ASC105-1 Fish, smooth, bronze, 10″ long
    A:ASC105-1 Fish, smooth, black
    A:ASC105-3 Fish, smooth, celadon
    A:ASC105-9 Fish, smooth, various
    A:ASC106 Fish (Carp), smooth, 11″ long
    A:ASC106-0 Fish (Carp), smooth, pewter, 11″ long
    A:ASC106-0 Fish, carved, white, 11″ long
    A:ASC106-0 Fish, carved, green
    A:ASC106-1 Fish, carved, loon green, 11″ long
    A:ASC106-1 Fish, smooth surface, bronze
    A:ASC106-3 Fish, smooth surface, celadon, 11″ long
    A:ASC106-9 Fish in special designsma
    A:ASC108 Manatee, grey, 11″ long
    A:ASC109 Nesting Pelican with Yellow Beak, brown grey, 8″ long
    A:ASC109-0 Nesting pelican, grey, 8″ long
    A:ASC109-0 Nesting Pelican, white, 8″ long
    A:ASC110 Two Dolphins on a Wave sculpture. The twin dolphins are a favorite for weddings and anniversaries. Glazed in Andersen subtly flowing grays, greens and blues in our soft to the touch matte finish. The Double Dolphin Figurine is 12 inches long. $300.00
    A:ASC111-0 Hedgehog, natural brown, 4″ long
    A:ASC111-0 Hedgehog, grey, 4″ long
    A:ASC112 Bird with Berry (Junco), grey, 4” long
    A:ASC112-1 Bird with Berry (Junco), bronze, 4″ long
    A:ASC112-1 Bird with Berry (Junco), verdigris, 4” long
    A:ASC114 Manatee, grey, 9″ long
    A:ASC115 Chickadee with Berry, grey black white, 4″ long
    A:ASC115-0 Misc. chickadee w/berry
    A:ASC119 Manatee on pedestal, grey, 9″ long
    A:ASC120-1 Baby, bronze, 5″ tall
    A:ASC120-1 Baby, verdigris, 5″ tall
    A:ASC120-1 Baby w/doll, 5″ tall, ebon
    A:ASC121-1 Woodcock, bronze, 8″ long
    A:ASC121-1 Woodcock, verdigris, 8″ long
    A:ASC121-1 Woodcock, ebony, 8″ long
    A:ASC124 Western Mountain Bluebird, 4″ long
    A:ASC125 Goldfinch on pedestal, yellow, black, 7″ tall
    A:ASC126 Luna
    A:ASC126-0 Moon Stone Face by Weston, pewter, 8″ tall
    A:ASC126-1 Luna, bronze, 8″ tall
    A:ASC126-3 Luna, celadon, 8″ tall
    A:ASC126A- Luna on pedestal, ebony, 8″ tall
    A:ASC126A- Luna on pedestal, celadon, 8″ tall
    A:ASC127 Goldfinch, large, black yellow, 5″ long
    A:ASC128 Goldfinch, small, yellow Black, 3.5″ long
    A:ASC129 Face of a Seal Emerging, grey, 8″ round..
    A:ASC131 Western Mountain Bluebird, small, blue black, 3″ long
    A:ASC136 Baby Manatee , grey, 7″ long
    A:ASC138 Seal Emerging from Water, medium, 7″ diameter
    A:ASC139 Seal Emerging from Water, small 5″ diameter
    A:ASC141-0 Heron, white 12″ tall
    A:ASC141A- Heron on Base, 17″ tall, white and black base
    A:ASC142 Maine Coon Cat
    A:ASC142-0 Maine Coon Cat, natural
    A:ASC142-9 Maine Coon Cat, various
    A:ASC143 Ceramic Art: The Lady of the Garden. Slip-cast stoneware sculpture. Abstract female head and shoulders by Weston Neil Andersen.
    A:ASC143-0 Large Fish, green, 18″ by 9″ by 9″ green
    A:ASC143-9 Large Fish, ebony, 18″ by 9″ by 9″
    A:ASC145-9 Large Fish,decorated indiviudally
    A:ASC146-9 Luna Face, various, 5″ oval
    A:ASC147-9 Woman with Turned Head, 9.5″ various
    B Andersen Design Vase Series, First Quality
    B:A02-24 Tall Mug, stein, mulberry
    B:A04-01-0 Boat Bowl, natural tree
    B:A04-04-0 Boat Bowl, blue stripe
    B:A04-07-0 Boat Bowl, grey blue tree
    B:A04-15 Boat Bowl, bronze
    B:A04-16 Boat Bowl, verdigris
    B:A04-17 Boat Bowl, ebon
    B:A04-24 Boat Bowl, mulberry
    B:A04-45-0 Boat Bowl, blue/green tree
    B:A04-45-0 Boat Bowl, blue/green fish
    B:A04-99 Boat Bowl, various
    B:A05-01-0 Tumbler, natural tree
    B:A05-01-0 Tumbler, natural owl
    B:A05-02-0 Tumbler, grey birch..
    B:A05-03 Tumbler, white
    B:A05-04-0 Tumbler, blue stripe..
    B:A05-07-0 Tumbler, grey/blue tree
    B:A05-15 Tumbler, bronze
    B:A05-16 Tumbler, verdigris..
    B:A05-17 Tumbler, ebon
    B:A05-45-0 Tumbler, blue/green tree
    B:A05-99 Tumbler, various
    B:A06-07-0 Sugar Bowl, grey/blue tree
    B:A06-15 Sugar Bowl, bronze
    B:A06-16 Sugar Bowl, verdigris..
    B:A06-17 Sugar Bowl, ebon
    B:A06-30-0 Sugar Bowl, celadon tree
    B:A06-45-0 Sugar Bowl, blue/green tree
    B:A06-99 Sugar Bowl, various
    B:A06A-07- Creamer, grey/blue tree
    B:A06A-15 Creamer, bronze
    B:A06A-16 Creamer, verdigris..
    B:A06A-17 Creamer, ebon
    B:A06A-18 Creamer, blueberry
    B:A06A-30- Creamer, celadon tree
    B:A06A-45- Creamer, blue/green tree
    B:A06A-99 Creamer, various
    B:A07-02-0 Bud Vase, grey birch
    B:A07-03 Bud Vase, white
    B:A07-30 Bud Vase, celadon..
    B:A07-99 Bud Vase, various
    B:A08-01-0 Cobble, natural tree
    B:A08-01-0 Cobble, natural owl
    B:A08-01-0 Cobble, natural cat
    B:A08-02-0 Cobble, grey birch
    B:A08-04-0 Cobble, blue tree
    B:A08-04-0 Cobble, blue jewel..
    B:A08-04-0 Cobble, blue leaf
    B:A08-04-0 Cobble, blue stripe..
    B:A08-07-0 Cobble, grey/blue tree..
    B:A08-15 Cobble, bronze
    B:A08-16 Cobble, verdigris
    B:A08-17 Cobble, ebon
    B:A08-18 Cobble, blueberry
    B:A08-45-0 Cobble, blue/green tree
    B:A08-45-0 Cobble, blue/green owl
    B:A08-45-0 Cobble, blue/green leaf
    B:A08-45-0 Cobble, blue/green fish
    B:A08-99 Cobble, various
    B:A09-01-0 Oval Bowl, natural cat..
    B:A09-99 Oval Bowl, various..
    B:A14-01-0 Round Bowl, brown tree pattern, 8″ dia
    B:A14-01-0 Round Bowl, natural cat, 8″ dia
    B:A14-01-0 Round Bowl, 8″ dia, sparrow..
    B:A14-03-1 Round Bowl, painted chickadee, 8″ dia
    B:A14-04-0 Round Bowl, 8″ dia, blue tree..
    B:A14-07-0 Round Bowl, grey/blue tree, 8″ dia
    B:A14-15 Round Bowl, bronze, 8″ dia
    B:A14-16 Round Bowl, verdigris, 8″ dia
    B:A14-17 Round Bowl, ebon, 8″ dia
    B:A14-45-0 Round Bowl, blue/green tree, 8″ dia
    B:A14-45-0 Round Bowl, blue/green fish, 8″ dia
    B:A14-99 Round Bowl, various, 8″ dia
    B:A15-24 Eliptical mug, mulberry
    B:A18-01-0 Oval Platter, brown tree, 10″ long
    B:A18-15 Oval Platter, bronze, 10″ long
    B:A18-16 Oval Platter, verdigris, 10″ long
    B:A18-45-0 Oval Platter, blue/green leaf
    B:A18-45-0 Oval Platter, blue/green fish
    B:A18-45-0 Oval Platter, blue/green stripe
    B:A18-99 Oval Platter, various
    B:A19-45-0 Fish Shape Platter, blue green fish
    B:A20-01-0 Rectangular Tray, 8.5″ long, brown tree
    B:A20-30-0 Rectangular Tray, 8.5″ long, celladon tree
    B:A20-45-0 Rectangular Tray, blue/green tree
    B:A20-45-0 Rectangular Tray, Blue – Green Fish Design
    B:A20-99 Rectangular tray, 8.5″ long
    B:A27-03 Chowder Bowl, white, 4.5″ diameter
    B:A27-07-0 Chowder Bowl, blue/grey tree
    B:A27-15 Chowder Bowl, bronze
    B:A27-17 Chowder Bowl, ebon
    B:A27-45-0 Chowder Bowl, blue/green stripe
    B:A27-99 Chowder Bowl, various
    B:A28-45-0 Buttercup, blue green stripe
    B:A28-99 Buttercup, various
    B:A29-03 Saucer, white
    B:A29-15 Saucer, bronze
    B:A29-17 Saucer, ebon
    B:A29-99 Saucer, various
    B:A31-01-0 Column Vase, brown tree, 16″ tall
    B:A31-02-0 Column Vase, grey birch, 16″ tall
    B:A31-03 Column Vase, white, 16″ tall
    B:A31-16 Column Vase, verdigris, 16″ tall
    B:A31-30-0 Column Vase, celadon tree, 16″ tall
    B:A31-99 Column Vase, various, 16″ tall
    B:A33-15 Geo, bronze
    B:A33-16 Geo, verdigris
    B:A33-18 Geo, blueberry
    B:A33-99 Geo, various
    B:A35-01-0 Egg Form Vase with lip, brown tree, 5.5″ tall
    B:A35-02-0 Egg Form Vase with lip, grey birch, 5″ tall
    B:A35-03 Egg Form Vase with lip, white, 5″ tall
    B:A35-04-0 Egg Form Vase with lip, blue tree, 5″ tall
    B:A35-15 Egg Form Vase with lip, bronze, 5″ tall
    B:A35-16 Egg Form Vase with lip, verdigris, 5″ tall
    B:A35-17 Egg Form Vase with lip, ebony, 5″ tall
    B:A35-20-0 Egg Form Vase, 5″ tall, lavender tree..
    B:A35-24 Egg Form Vase, 5″ tall, mulberry..
    B:A35-30 Egg Form Vase, 5″ tall, celadon..
    B:A35-30-0 Egg Form Vase with lip, celadon tree, 5″ tall
    B:A35-99 Egg Form Vase, various
    B:A35A-03 Egg Form Vase w/Relief Tree, white, 5″ tall
    B:A35A-15 Egg Form Vase w/Relief Tree, bronze, 5″ tall
    B:A35A-16 Egg Form Vase w/Relief Tree, verdigris, 5″ tall
    B:A35A-17 Egg Form Vase w/Relief Tree, ebony, 5″ tall
    B:A37 Sea Urchin Bowl, variegated, large
    B:A37-01 Sea Urchin Bowl, natural, 10″ dia
    B:A37-15 Sea Urchin Bowl, bronze, 10″ dia
    B:A37-16 Sea Urchin Bowl, verdigris, 10″ dia
    B:A37-17 Sea Urchin Bowl, ebon, 10″ dia
    B:A37-30 Sea Urchin Bowl, celadon, 10″ dia
    B:A37-99 Sea Urchin Bowl, various, 10″ dia
    B:A41-01-0 Salad Bowl, large, brown tree, 10″ dia
    B:A41-30-0 Salad Bowl, large, celadon tree, 10″ dia
    B:A41-45-0 Salad Bowl, large, blue/green leaf, 10″ dia
    B:A41-99 Salad Bowl, large, various, 10″ dia
    B:A412-01- Salad Bowl, medium, brown tree, 8″ dia
    B:A412-02- Salad Bowl, medium, grey birch, 8″ diameter..
    B:A412-15 Salad Bowl, medium, bronze, 8″ dia
    B:A412-16 Salad Bowl, medium, verdigris, 8″ dia
    B:A412-30- Salad Bowl, medium, celadon tree, 8″ dia
    B:A412-45- Salad Bowl, medium, blue/green tree..
    B:A412-99 Salad Bowl, medium, various..
    B:A413-01- Salad Bowl, small, brown tree, 7″ dia
    B:A413-02- Salad Bowl, small,7″ dia, grey tree..
    B:A413-07- Salad Bowl, small, grey/blue tree, 7″ dia
    B:A413-15 Salad Bowl, small, 7″ dia, bronze..
    B:A413-16 Salad Bowl, small, 7″dia, verdigris..
    B:A413-18 Salad Bowl, small, 7″ dia, blueberry..
    B:A413-20- Salad Bowl, small, 7″dia, lavender tree..
    B:A413-30- Salad Bowl, small, 7″ dia, celadon tree..
    B:A413-99 Salad Bowl, small, various, 7″ dia
    B:A414-01- Salad Bowl, smallest, brown tree, 4.5″diameter
    B:A414-03 Salad Bowl, smallest, white, 4.5′ diameter
    B:A414-07- Salad Bowl, smallest, grey/blue tree, 4.5″ dia
    B:A414-15 Salad Bowl, smallest, bronze, 4.5′ diameter
    B:A414-16 Salad Bowl, smallest, verdigris, 4.5′ diameter
    B:A414-17 Salad Bowl, smallest, ebony, 4.5″ dia
    B:A414-99 Salad Bowl, smallest, various, 4.5″ dia
    B:A415-01- Salad Bowl, smallest, brown tree, 4.5″diameter
    B:A415-02- Salad Bowl, smallest, grey tree..
    B:A415-07- Salad Bowl, smallest, grey/blue tree..
    B:A415-17 Salad Bowl, smallest, ebon..
    B:A415-99 Salad Bowl, smallest, various..
    B:A43-01 Footed Vase, brown tree, 5″ tall
    B:A43-07-0 Footed Vase, 4.5″ tall, blue/grey tree
    B:A43-30-0 Footed Vase, celadon tree, 5″ tall
    B:A43-45-0 Footed Vase, blue/green leaf, 5″ tall
    B:A43-99 Footed Vase, various, 5″ tall
    B:A48-01-0 Oval Vase, brown tree, 6.5″ tall
    B:A48-01-0 Oval Vase, natural sparrow, 6.5″ tall
    B:A48-02-0 Oval Vase, grey birch, 6.5″ tall
    B:A48-03 Oval Vase, white, 6.5″ tall
    B:A48-07-0 Oval Vase, grey/blue tree, 6.5″ tall
    B:A48-15 Oval Vase, bronze glaze, 6.5″ tall
    B:A48-16 Oval Vase, verdigris glaze, 6.5″ tall
    B:A48-17 Oval Vase, ebony glaze, 6.5″ tall
    B:A48-30-0 Oval Vase, celadon tree, 6.5″ tall
    B:A48-45-0 Oval Vase, blue/green tree, 6.5″ tall
    B:A48-99 Oval Vase, various, 6.5″ tall
    B:A48A Oval Vase, carved chickadee, 6.5″ tall
    B:A49-01-0 Oval Vase, brown tree, 9″ tall
    B:A49-01-0 Oval Vase, natural owl, 9″ tall
    B:A49-02-0 Oval Vase, grey birch, 9″ tall
    B:A49-03 Oval Vase, white, 9″ tall
    B:A49-07-0 Oval Vase, grey/blue tree, 9″ tall
    B:A49-20-0 Oval Vase, 9.5″ tree orchid
    B:A49-30-0 Oval Vase, celadon tree, 9″ tall
    B:A49-45-0 Oval Vase, blue/green tree, 9″ tall
    B:A49-99 Oval Vase, various, 9″ tall
    B:A50-03 Tulip Vase, white, 5″ tall
    B:A50-15 Tulip Vase, bronze, 5″ tall
    B:A50-16 Tulip Vase, verdigris, 5″ tall
    B:A50-17 Tulip Vase, ebony, 5″ tall..
    B:A50-18 Tulip Vase, blueberry, 5″ tall
    B:A50-20 Tulip Vase, lavender, 5″ tall..
    B:A50-99 Tulip Vase, various, 5″ tall
    B:A51-01-0 Cycladic Vase, upward curve, brown tree, 8′ tall
    B:A51-03 Oval Form Vase, white, 9″ tall
    B:A51-04-0 Oval Form Vase, blue jewel, 9″ tall
    B:A51-15 Oval Form Vase, bronze, 9″ tall
    B:A51-16 Oval Form Vase, verdigris, 9″ tall
    B:A51-30-0 Oval Form Vase, celadon tree, 9″ tall
    B:A51-99 Oval Form Vase, various, 9″ tall
    B:A52 Sea Urchin Bowl, small grey /white variegated
    B:A52-03 Sea Urchin Bowl, white, small, 7″ dia
    B:A52-15 Sea Urchin Bowl, bronze, 7″ diameter
    B:A52-16 Sea Urchin Bowl, verdigris, 7″ dia, 2nd
    B:A52-17 Sea Urchin Bowl, ebony, small, 7″ dia
    B:A52-18 Sea Urchin Bowl, blueberry, small, 7″ dia
    B:A52-20 Sea Urchin Bowl, orchid, small, 7″ dia
    B:A52-30 Sea Urchin Bowl, celadon, 7″ dia, small
    B:A52-99 Sea Urchin Bowl, various, 7″ round
    B:A53-01-0 Bead Vase, brown tree, 8″ tall
    B:A53-03 Bead Vase, white, 8″ tall
    B:A53-04-0 Bead Vase, blue jewel, 8″ tall
    B:A53-05-0 Bead Vase, green jewel, 8″ tall
    B:A53-07-0 Bead Vase, grey/blue tree, 8″ tall
    B:A53-15 Bead Vase, bronze, 8″ tall
    B:A53-16 Bead Vase, verdigris, 8″ tall
    B:A53-17 Bead Vase, ebony, 8″ tall
    B:A53-20-0 Bead Vase, orchid tree, 8″ tall..
    B:A53-30 Bead Vase, celadon, 8″ tall..
    B:A53-30-0 Bead Vase, celadon tree, 8″ tall
    B:A53-45-0 Bead Vase, blue/green tree, 8″ tall
    B:A53-99 Bead Vase, various, 8″ tall
    B:A53A-03 Bead Vase, relief tree, white, 8″ tall
    B:A53A-15 Bead Vase, relief tree, bronze, 8″ tall
    B:A53A-16 Bead Vase, relief tree, verdigris, 8″ tall
    B:A53A-17 Bead Vase, relief tree, ebony, 9″ tall
    B:A54-01-0 Flute Vase, brown tree, 9″ tall
    B:A54-03 Flute Vase, white glaze, 9″ tall
    B:A54-04-0 Flute Vase, blue jewel, 9″ tall
    B:A54-05-0 Flute Vase, jewel/green, 9″ tall
    B:A54-15 Flute Vase, bronze glaze, 9″ tall
    B:A54-15-0 Flute Vase, bronze jewel, 9″ tall
    B:A54-16 Flute Vase, verdigris glaze, 9″ tall
    B:A54-17 Flute Vase, ebony glaze, 9″ tall
    B:A54-30-0 Flute Vase, celadon tree, 9″ tall
    B:A54-45-0 Flute Vase, blue/green tree, 9″ tall
    B:A54-99 Flute Vase, various, 9″ tall..
    B:A54A-03 Flute Vase, carved pattern, white, 9″ tall..
    B:A54A-05 Flute Vase, iris leaf, green
    B:A54A-15 Flute Vase, carved pattern, bronze, 9″ tall
    B:A54A-30 Flute Vase with iris leaves, celadon, 9″ tall
    B:A55-01-0 Flute Vase, brown tree, 7″ tall
    B:A55-03 Flute Vase, white, 7″ tall
    B:A55-04-0 Flute Vase, blue jewel, 7″ tall..
    B:A55-05-0 Flute Vase, green jewel, 7″ tall
    B:A55-15 Flute Vase, bronze, 7″ tall
    B:A55-15-0 Flute Vase, bronze jewel, 7″ tall
    B:A55-16 Flute Vase, verdigris, 7″ tall
    B:A55-17 Flute Vase, ebony, 7″ tall
    B:A55-20-0 Flute Vase, lavender tree, 7″ tall
    B:A55-30-0 Flute Vase, celadon tree, 7″ tall
    B:A56-01-0 Egg Form Vase, brown tree, 6″ tall
    B:A56-03 Egg Form Vase, white, 6″ tall
    B:A56-04-0 Egg Form Vase, blue jewel, 6″ tall
    B:A56-15 Egg Form Vase, bronze, 6″ tall
    B:A56-16 Egg Form Vase, verdigris, 6″ tall
    B:A56-17 Egg Form Vase, ebony, 6″ tall
    B:A56-30 Egg Form Vase, celadon, 6″ tall
    B:A56-30-0 Egg Form Vase, celadon tree, 6″ tall
    B:A56-45-0 Egg Form Vase, blue/green tree, 6″ tall
    B:A56-99 Egg Form Vase, various, 6″ tall
    B:A57-01-0 Round Vase, brown tree, 4.5″ tall
    B:A57-01-0 Round Vase, natural owl, 4.5″ tall
    B:A57-03 Round Vase, white, 4.5″ tall
    B:A57-04-0 Round Vase, natural owl, 4.5″ tall
    B:A57-05-0 Round Vase, green jewel, 4″ tall
    B:A57-15 Round Vase, bronze, 4.5″ tall
    B:A57-15-0 Round Vase, bronze jewel, 4″ tall
    B:A57-16 Round Vase, verdigris, 4.5″ tall
    B:A57-17 Round Vase, ebony, 4.5″ tall
    B:A57-20-0 Round Vase, lavender tree, 4″ tall
    B:A57-30-0 Round Vase, celadon tree, 4.5″ tall
    B:A57-99 Round Vase, various
    B:A57A-15 Round Vase with tree, bronze
    B:A59-01-0 Round Bowl, white, 5″ diameter
    B:A59-03 Round Bowl, white, 5″ diameter
    B:A59-04-0 Round Bowl, blue jewel, 5″ diameter
    B:A59-05-0 Round Bowl, green jewel, 5″ dia
    B:A59-15 Round Bowl, bronze, 5″ diameter
    B:A59-15-0 Round Bowl, bronze jewel, 5″ dia
    B:A59-16 Round Bowl, verdigris, 5″ diameter
    B:A59-17 Round Bowl, ebony, 5″ diameter
    B:A59-20-0 Round Bowl, lavender tree, 5″ dia
    B:A59-30 Round Bowl, celadon tree, 5″ dia
    B:A59-30-0 Round Bowl, celadon tree, 5″ dia
    B:A59-99 Round Bowl, various, 5″ dia
    B:A60-01-0 Round Vase, brown tree, 6″ tall, 2nd
    B:A60-03 Round Vase, white, 6″ tall
    B:A60-04-0 Round Vase, blue jewel, 6″ tall
    B:A60-05-0 Round Vase, green jewel, 6″ tall
    B:A60-15 Round Vase, bronze, 6″ tall
    B:A60-16 Round Vase, verdigris, 6″ tall, 2nd
    B:A60-17 Round Vase, ebony, 6″ tall
    B:A60-30 Round vase, celadon, 6″ tall
    B:A60-30-0 Round Vase, celadon tree, 6″ tall
    B:A60-45-0 Round Vase, blue green tree
    B:A60-99 Round Vase, various, 6″ tall
    B:A62-03 Acorn Squash Vase, small, 3.5″ tall, white
    B:A62-15 Acorn Squash Vase, large, 5″ tall, bronze
    B:A67-01-0 Cycladic Vase, brown tree, 8″ tall
    B:A67-03 Cycladic Vase, white, 8″ tall
    B:A67-05-0 Cycladic Vase, green jewel, 8″ tall
    B:A67-07-0 Cycladic Vase, grey/blue tree, 8″ tall
    B:A67-15 Cycladic Vase, bronze, 8″ tall
    B:A67-15-0 Cycladic Vase, bronze jewel, 8″ tall
    B:A67-16 Cycladic Vase, verdigris, 8″ tall
    B:A67-17 Cycladic Vase, ebony, 8″ tall
    B:A67-30-0 Cycladic Vase, celadon tree, 8″ tall
    B:A67-45-0 Cycladic Vase, blue/green tree, 8″ tall
    B:A67-99 Cycladic Vase, various, 8″ tall
    B:A69-03 Modulus I Column Vase, white, 15″ tall
    B:A69-15 Modulus I Column Vase, bronze, 15″ tall
    B:A69-16 Modulus II Vase, verdigris
    B:A69-17 Modulus I Column Vase, ebon black
    B:A69-99 Modulus I Column Vase, various, 15″ tall
    B:A70-01-0 Flute Vase, expanded form, brown tree, 9″ tall
    B:A70-03 Flute Vase, expanded form, white, 9″ tall
    B:A70-04-0 Flute Vase, expanded form, jewel blue, 9″ tall
    B:A70-15 Flute Vase, expanded form, bronze, 9″ tall
    B:A70-16 Flute Vase, expanded form, verdigris, 9″ tall
    B:A70-30-0 Flute Vase, expanded, celadon tree
    B:A71-02-0 Onion Vase, grey birch, 6″ tall
    B:A71-03 Onion Vase, white, 6″ tall
    B:A71-04-0 Onion Vase, blue jewel, 6″ tall..
    B:A71-05-0 Onion Vase, green jewel, 6″ tall
    B:A71-07-0 Onion Vase, grey/blue tree, 6″ tall
    B:A71-15 Onion Vase, bronze, 6″ tall
    B:A71-16 Onion Vase, verdigris, 6″ tall
    B:A71-17 Onion Vase, ebony, 6″ tall
    B:A71-24 Onion Vase, mulberry, 6″ tall
    B:A71-45-0 Onion Vase, blue/green tree, 6″ tall
    B:A71-99 Onion Vase, various
    B:A72-03 Sprouting Vase, white, 8″ tall
    B:A72-04-0 Sprouting Vase, blue jewel, 8″ tall
    B:A72-05-0 Sprouting Vase, green jewel, 8″ tall
    B:A72-15 Sprouting Vase, bronze, 8″ tall
    B:A72-15-0 Sprouting Vase, bronze jewel, 8″ tall
    B:A72-16 Sprouting Vase, verdigris, 8″ tall
    B:A72-17 Sprouting Vase, ebony, 8″ tall
    B:A72-45-0 Sprouting Vase, blue/green tree, 8″ tall
    B:A72-99 Sprouting Vase, various, 8″ tall
    B:A73-03 Modulus Vase II, white, 6″ tall
    B:A73-04 Modulus Vase II, blue, 6″ tall
    B:A73-04-0 Modulus Vase II, jewel blue, 6″ tall
    B:A73-15 Modulus Vase II, bronze, 6′ tall
    B:A73-15-0 Modulus Vase II, bronze jewel, 6″ tall
    B:A73-16 Modulus Vase II, verdigris, 6″ tall
    B:A73-17 Modulus Vase II, ebony, 6″ tall
    B:A73-99 Modulus Vase II, various, 6″ tall
    B:A73A-04- Modulus Vase II with rim, blue jewel, 6″ tall
    B:A73A-16 Modulus Vase II with rim, verdigris, 6″ tall
    B:A74-15 Cycladic Vase, large, bronze, 10″ tall
    B:A74-16 Cycladic Vase, expanded, verdigris
    B:A74-17 Cycladic Vase, expanded, ebon, 9″ tall
    B:A74-99 Cycladic Vase, expanded, misc, 9″ tall
    B:A75-03 Teapot, white
    B:A75-15 Teapot with handle, bronze, 6″ tall
    B:A80-15 Melon Vase, small, bronze
    B:A80-16 Small Melon Vase, verdigris
    B:A80-17 Small Melon Vase, ebon..
    B:A81-03 Quintil Bowl, white, 7″ dia
    B:A81-17 Quintil Bowl, ebon
    B:A82-03 Trifoil Bowl, white, 8″ dia
    B:A82-16 Trifoil Bowl, verdigris, 8″ dia
    B:A82-17 Trifoil Bowl, ebon, 8″ dia
    B:A82-99 Trifoil Bowl, various, 10″ round
    B:A83-03 Quintel Bowl with Foot, White
    B:A84 Shell Bowl
    B:A85-15 Acorn Vase, bronze
    B:A85-16 Acorn Vase, verdigris, 5.5″ dia
    B:A85-99 Acorn Vase, various
    B:A87-03 Stone Vase, white, 5.5″ tall
    B:A87-07-0 Stone Vase, grey/blue tree, 5.5″ tall
    B:A87-15 Stone Vase, bronze, 5.5″ tall..
    B:A87-17 Stone Vase, ebon, 5.5″ tall..
    B:A87-99 Stone Vase, various, 5.5″ tall
    B:A88-03 Melon Vase, white
    B:A89-03 Challis Bowl, white matte glaze, 5″ dia
    B:A90-03 Large Melon Vase, white
    B:A90-15 Large Melon Vase, bronze
    B:A90-16 Large Melon Vase, verdigris
    B:A91-15 Pear, bronze, 3″ tall..
    B:A91-16 Pear, verdigris, 3″ tall..
    B:A92-16 Squash, verdigris, 5″ tall..
    B:A93 Hatte Vase
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