- Collectible Ceramics designed and handcrafted in Maine USA since 1952

Andersen Design As A Social Enterprise- Two Projects

Before there were social enterprises, there was Amdersen Design, An American Design and slip casting enterprise which did not move its production over seaes

Andersen Design Is A Social Enterprise Established in 1952- before there were social enterprises

PROPOSAL 1 The Ceramic Slip Casting Production Network

Andersen Design is a unique American ceramic design and slip casting enterprise. The company was established on Southport Island in 1952. It relocated to East Boothbay, Maine in 1958.
Over the course of 65 years an unparalleled inventory of market proven classic ceramic designs was created and a recognizable brand was established.
There are two basic lines, functional forms and wild life sculptures.
Andersen Design’s iconic American ceramic art is collected by generations of Americans in the local region, throughout Maine, America and the world. Andersen’s market encompasses all ages and genders.
In the eighties the Andersen production employed 25 people in Portland Maine, while competing in a market crowded with competitive products produced in low cost global labor markets. Andersen Design’s appeal was in its individuality expressed through unique design and fine craftsmanship. The proprietary art glazes became inseparable from the Andersen signature.
Today, the company suffers from under-capitalization and from operating at a scale too small for the size of the line. The Andersen’s would like to re-establish the production company as a network of ceramic slip-casting studios located in rural Maine, with its central operation in its flagship location in the Boothbay region. The family would like to maintain a design studio and retail gallery at its current location and to establish a local slip casting studio that can be used as a training center for satellite studios. There are a couple of spaces identified as possible locations for the production studio.
The cultural connection between Boothbay and an extended trail into rural Maine via the ceramic slip casting community will give the Boothbay region a diverse cultural identity which will distinguish the Boothbay region from its competitors. The network will serve as an innovative cultural bridge between the “two Maines”

PROPOSAL 2 The Andersen Design Museum of American Designer Craftsmen.

Andersen Design has been accepted for fiscal sponsorship by Fractured Atlas for the purpose of forming the Andersen Design Museum of American Designer Craftsmen.
According to the American Alliance of Museums, there are approximately 850 million visits each year to American museums (dated around 2010) Museums help communities understand and appreciate cultural diversity and tell important stories connecting the past to the future.
Andersen Design brings a unique asset to the museum in its 65‐year history as an American ceramic design and production enterprise. The Andersen art is iconic in own right in addition to being personally icon within the family history of its many collectors. People travel miles out of their way, just to make a visit to the Andersen.


Andersen Design established in 1952. American made ever since!

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