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The Early Correspondences of Weston Neil Andersen

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    1956 Statement by Weston Neil Andersen

    From the fall of' 1948 to the summer of 1952 I was a member of the staff of the Akron Art Institute as Supervisor of Education of the Art School. This project to be quite an undertaking and exciting too. In the school we had a well-equipped. ceramic laboratory and. I soon found myself fascinated with the material. In several years I decided I preferred" pottery making to teaching.

    1956 Statement explaining why Weston Neil Andersen, left an “exciting” career as Dean of the Akron Art Institute to start a ceramic art and design slip-cast production on the Coast of Maine.


    Weston Andersen 1964 letter Seeking Capital to grow business

    First page describes leaving the Akron Art Institute and embarking on a sales trip on the East Coast as the Andersen’s look for a suitable location for their ceramic slip casting endeavor

    The Andersen’s develop their line, expand their facility and deal with that “old bugaboo: insufficient capital” Weston discusses advantage of slip-casting for Maine Feldspar market.

    Page Three tells of the addition of the wild life sculpture line as a commercial success, the reorganizing of the production facility, during which time production was slowed. The subsequent addition of a larger staff


    Page four discusses working with an agent, entering the New York and Boston Gift show, and figures on sales .

    The 15000.00 dollars in capital that Weston was targeting in 1964 would be 119,819,05 today:

    1964 Letter Requesting Samples From Industrial Design Magazine

    A 1964 letter from Industrial Design magazine requesting samples of the Andersen’s work

    To date, I do not know if my father ever found the capital he was seeking. Hopefully we will find more records to piece together the story.

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